Using Windows Mobile in 2020 | Windows 10 Mobile End of Support: FAQ

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Windows Mobile Most Frequently Ask Questions

Q1. Has Microsoft actually shut down Windows Mobile?

A1. Yes. But windows 10 mobile is still running.

Q2. Is it still usable after shutdown mobile in 2020?

A2. Yes it is usable but only for secondary phones. The Windows Store does not have the necessary apps and may no longer be available.

Q3. How can I connect Microsoft account and Windows Store on Windows Mobile in 2020?

A3. Please upgrade windows mobile to windows 10 then you can connect.

Q4. WhatsApp and YouTube available on Windows Store?

A4. No. But Viber is still available.

Q5. Will Windows 10 Mobile continue to be supported?

A5. Microsoft may terminate support for an app at any time. On 12 January 2021, the Office application will reach end of support on Windows 10 Mobile.

to read Microsoft Official FAQ

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